5 Tips for you to be a content creator in Montreal

Keep Creating Every Day

This is my 5 tips to grow your video business based on my experience building mine in Montreal.

  1. Keep creating everyday on your Instagram stories. This is how you start getting your referred customers. Also instagram stories will disappear in 24 hours so you better keep creating and keep improving all the time. otherwise you’ll start repeating yourself and you’ll lose your followers engagement with you.
  2. Collaborate with people you vibe with. Collaborate to show people your work and the variety of work you can achieve. If you want to get clients who pay the big bucks you need to have a solid portfolio. At the beginning the only way for you to build your portfolio really quickly is by collaborating with others.
  3. Create a system (workflow) for your work and the way your work with people and your projects. It is very important to be known for one style at the beginning of your journey.
    This will make people know you and talk about you and your unique style. When I started my goal was always to create quickly, quick videos. I would go with any influencer and create the video by the end of our coffee together. I got to be known as the fast videographer.
  4. Forget about money. If you’re thinking about videography to become a cinematographer and go to hollywood and all that then good luck. My first 3 months I worked for free. I used to contact influencers and offer my services for free in exchange of a mention & a tag.
  5. You will have to work harder everyday for the first 2 years. The more the time passes the easier it gets. You’ll build your name and your reputation in the city.
  6. Extra tip: reinvest most of the money you make in leveling up your gear and your editing software.

Published by Ameer

I create creative videos with influencers for better engagement and social media growth

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