5 Tips for videographers Working with Influencers

Ameer Alba Airport

Their audience are your soon to be clients

I have started my business working with influencers achieving their social media goals. I believe that if you help people get to their dreams, you will get to your dream as well. Here are the lessons I learned and I think it will help you understand the value of working with influencers.

Know their audience.

  • The better you understand their audience the better editing and messaging you can use when you’re creating the content. You will be choosing the music as well as the fonts and colour tones. It is very important to understand what the influencer’s audience like. You can know that by checking what content has the highest engagement rate.

Understand their message.

  • Every influencer has a niche. You have to understand that niche very well and be able to at least talk about the basics of that niche. Why ? To be bale to have flow while creating the content and possibly give ideas.

Build a longterm relationship with them.

  • The longer the relationship you have with them the better the content you create because you have a better understanding of the influencer and her audience.

Work with less than 5 influencers.

  • Start with a big number like 10 influencers then make your way to your top 5 then overtime you can work with the one you really enjoy working with and bring you the most value.
Red Hat Lady - Montréal Old Port

Get inspired and Inspire them.

  • when you are working in an artistic environment you have to be able to see other people’s work and get inspired. If something is working for you, you will be copied for sure. That is inspiration. Social media is about exposure and the more you’re copied the better your work is!

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